Carnival Fever!

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February brings carnival fever to the Canary Islands, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s celebration has earned the prestigious recognition of being declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest by the Spanish Government since 1980. The festivities are already in full swing, featuring various competitions for Murgas (satirical groups with around 40 members who entertain with critical and comedic songs accompanied by “whistle” instruments and percussion), Comparsas, and Rondallas. Excitement is building as galas are set to take place, deciding the Carnival queens in the categories of infants, adults, and seniors.

If the vibrant celebrations in Santa Cruz de Tenerife seem a bit out of reach or you find yourself in Fuerteventura, there’s no need to worry. Both Los Gigantes and Caleta de Fuste host their own lively carnivals, ensuring that the spirit of carnival is embraced across the Canary Islands. Join in the festivities, immerse yourself in the colourful parades, and experience the joyous atmosphere that defines the carnival season in this beautiful archipelago.